In order of classification, Cocoa is classified as Theombroma cacao. Within the confine of linguistics and  its origin, cocoa is derived from the word cacahuatl-of Spanish origin. The cacao tree is native to the Americas majorly originated in Central America and part of Mexico.

There are three main varieties of cocoa plant: Trinitario, Forastero and Criollo. Amongst the three varieties Forastero is the most widely use because of its high yield and resistance to disease that commonly attack cocoa. It comprises of more than 88% of the world total production compared to Criollo and Trinitario. Criollo variety is not common because it yields low and has low resistance  to disease. In the same vain, Trinitario is highly resistant to disease and yields more than Forastero. It is, indeed, a hybrid of Forastero and Criollo.

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