Zionbim Farminex is a certified company in the Mechanized/Commercial Agricultural Industry. The company started its journey with a self-effacing beginning in the year 2011 and since then, in pursuit of continuous excellence for better value addition for its customers, has entered new grounds by embracing advanced agricultural processes and extending its products range.

Zionbim Farminex have acres of farm land situated in Ibadan, Osun State, and has sold a total piggery live stocks of more than 200 numbers. The farm is equipped with tools that make farming interesting. Zionbim Farminex also maintains acres of Cocoa Plantation land in Osun State, Oyo State and Ondo State.

Zionbim Farminex is a Nigerian owned company but internationally focused. The firm focuses on evolving strategies, developing enhanced sales to meet demands.

Zionbim Farminex, formerly Omolaja Farms for 5 years from 2011 until it was registered with CAC. We delight in effective meaningful and visible change through our various consulting interventions. We have successfully worked with a number of key organizations in Nigeria.

Our firm consists of experienced managers in producing palm oil and other farm produces safe for consumption. This experience has given us access to latest developments in agricultural management and “current thinking” in commercial agriculture to make sales ready for our customers.

The firm has carried out sales to a variety of organizations in Nigeria, they include;

• General Supply and Delivery Services for Clients
• Sales and supply of Agricultural produces
• Palm produces

Below are some of our clients;
• Modern Design & Associates
• Multsol Technology
• KT Foods Ltd